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Loris Bog-Off Festival Vendor Application

The 45th Annual Loris Bog-Off Festival will once again be held in beautiful downtown Loris, South Carolina on October 19, 2024.  Our goal is to present a quality, family-oriented festival. Please read all rules and guidelines to ensure a fun and safe day for all.  For more information, email us at, visit our website at or call the Chamber at 843-756-6030.  Estimated attendance 30,000.


Vendor Type Size Fee
Non-Profit 10x12 $50
Artisans/Crafters 10x12 $125
Retail 10x12 $200
Food 10x30 $500
Add For Electrical Access $50

Late Fee (after October 1, 2024) Cash only after deadline date.                      $25

Notes: All fees are Non-Refundable. Rain or Shine. No beverage sales allowed. Approval of all booths will be based upon space availability and at the discretion of the Festival Committee.

The vendor fee includes a one day business license that is required by the City of Loris.


Move-In Begins              October 19, 2024 6:00 AM (5:00 AM for food vendors only)

Move-In Ends                  October 19, 2024 8:00 AM               

Show Hours                    October 19, 2024 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM

*NOTE: Free Standing canopies are recommended!!  NO ANCHORING ALLOWED. No one will be allowed to unload before 6:00 AM or to load up before 5:00 PM.  All food vendors are required to have a tent or canopy.



Fireworks, explosives (including Pop-caps), guns of ANY TYPE, knives, silly string, inflatable guns, baseball bats, any items that may be considered profane, etc. Items are subject to approval by Festival Committee.



All applications must include:                           

  1. Applicable entry fees (Booth Fee, Electrical Fee If Needed, Late Fee If Applicable)
  2. Completed Application (Provide All Requested Information. Applications Will Be Reviewed!)
  3. SC Retail Tax License Number (Craft, Retail, & Food Vendors)
  4. Food Inspection Form (Food Vendors Only)
  5. Photo of Booth & Contents (For first time vendor at this festival)
  6. Certificate of Insurance



Cash only after deadline date.


South Carolina Retail Tax License -  A current South Carolina Retail Tax License must be available at your booth on Festival Day. Each exhibitor and food vendor must collect and pay South Carolina Sales Tax.  Please read the attached letter from the Department of Revenue.

 Insurance:  Each vendor must provide a certificate of insurance naming the Loris Chamber of Commerce as an additional insurer.  Vendors can obtain insurance from any insurance company they choose.  Please provide certificate with your application or to the chamber office no later than OCTOBER 1, 2024.  Below is a company that provides a discount for our festival.  The chamber has no affiliation with this company except for offering our vendors a coupon for their service.  You must contact them directly.  We have used in the past but you are not limited to that company.  If you decided to us they have provided us with a $5 off code.  Code Coupon: Loris2024

Booth Space:  We recommend that your space be covered with a tent if you are not in a trailer. 

Sandbags or other weights are required because no staking is allowed.

No combustible materials are allowed under the tent (e.g. Hay, Straw, Wood Shavings, etc)., No Smoking under tents, No Generators allowed under tent – a minimum of 10’ clearance is required.

FOOD VENDORS REQUIREMENTS:  South Carolina Department of Health – All food vendors are subject to inspection by SCDHEC and must fill out a food inspection form.  A DHEC form will be mailed to all food vendors after their application has been received and approved by the Loris Bog-Off Festival Committee.

Food Trucks:  If you are using a food truck, please provide the measurement of the trailer including hitch.  The spaces provided are 20 feet wide.  If more room is required, an additional cost will incur.  Vendors will be required to pay $150 for each additional 10 feet. Spaces are limited by items sold.

All food vendor’s spaces must be covered (tent, trailer, etc.).

No Deep Fryer under tent, Class K Fire Extinguisher for anyone with a deep fryer, all cooking appliances and propane cylinder location subject to LFD Fire Code Official approval and all cooking tents with open flames shall be labeled as Fire Retardant.


Beverages:  Loris Bog-Off Festival Organizers will be selling drinks to vendors that would like to sell water and/or soda at their booth.  No outside drinks are allowed to be sold.

No lemonade can be sold except for lemonade vendors.

If you wish to sell tea and/or lemonade, you can pay an extra fee of $100 to sell these items.

Ice Sales: The Loris Chamber of Commerce will be selling ice at the festival.  Please let one of our staff members know if you need ice on the festival day.


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Only lemonade and tea can be provided by vendor.  Water and soda can be sold but must be purchased from the festival organizers.
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